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  • Hospice Care Concierge brings hospice care to patient's home, whether you are in a private residence, long term care community, nursing home, or board and care facility.
  • If Hospice Care cannot be managed at home, patients receive in-patient hospice care until symptoms and pain are under control.
  • Bridge of Care patient concierge will respond to patient and family questions 24 hours a day, and can dispatch a professional team member to the patient's bedside, if necessary.

Hospice Care Concierge & Palliative Advocate and its partners is committed to educating and providing information to the community. We strive in our day to day operations, and through the provision of services, to contribute to the evolution of a completely informed society, in hopes that the knowledge will facilitate decision making, and empower the consumer.

Hospice Services include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Nursing care, available on a 24 hours basis
  2. Medical Social Services to provide counseling services to patient and/or family
  3. Physician services
  4. Inpatient care in a hospital or skilled nursing facility as needed for
  •  Pain Control or symptom management
  • Respite for family members/caregivers
  • Continuous Nursing care, for 24 hours period as needed for crises situations.

     5. Medical appliances and supplies, including drugs and biologicals
     6. Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapy services will be provided for
     7. Certified Home Health Aide Services

  • Household services
  • Assistance with personal care

     8. Bereavement Counseling
     9. Chaplain Services
     10. Nutritional Counseling


When is the Best time for Hospice Care Program be considered?

There is no best time to consider Hospice Care but we all have to consider and plan, for our family sake. Most individual that is going through end of life discussion with family is probably the most difficult time and most often ignored and avoided. It is best for family member to share and prepare their wishes long before it becomes an immediate concern. In many circumstances, patients with a terminal illness may loose their ability to communicate with loved ones, leaving family members to assume, and forced to make uncomfortable decisions on top of this stressful time.

Hospice care if for individual who have a life expectancy of six months or less, and have chosen to focus on pain and symptoms relief over healing treatment. Diagnosis commonly associated with Hospice care includes but not limited to other terminal illness are: Alzheimer's or Dimentia, Cancer, Heart disease, AIDS/HIV, Respiratory Diseases, Neurologic Disease, Liver or Renal Failure, Stroke or Coma.

By having to prepare early and have a serious discussion with family members or loved one, patients and families can share their personal views and prepare for the outcome with a stress free and smart decisions. Patients are eligible for hospice care if their life expectancy is six months or less and they no longer wish to go through the stress of disease treatment and pain management. Hospice care can be extended beyond six months as long as a primary physician determines it is still appropriate and the patient is still eligible.

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